A Few Words Friday: #2


I’m a closet nudist.


note: the other side of the closet is full of birthday suits and streak clothes.

double note: nudists probably call closets and dressers something else.


Today #277

Today I found 245 Hongkong Dollars when I was cleaning out this closet.
I thought “Woo Hoo! I’m a rich man!” … until I checked the exchange rates: $32 CDN, $31.5 US, 2400 JPY.
Woo Hoo! I’m a richer man!



6 responses to “A Few Words Friday: #2

  1. I remember when I went to HK $1 Australian would get you $6 HK. Things sounded so expensive till we got used to it. Then we hit Japan & Yen sounded like you had to be a millionaire to afford anything,. I guess being a Mill-Yen-aire wouldn’t be that big a deal in Japan.

  2. According to Ebay Currency Converter I only need $12,742 AUD to be a Mill-Yen-aire

  3. Planetross: I hope you NEVER come out of the closet!!!

  4. Tony McGurk….Mill-Yen-Aire. Send me some $$$

  5. I don’t suppose I’m going to be original here – but wouldn’t nudists refer to it as an undresser?

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony:Mill-Yen-Aire” hee hee!
    Myself and Mr. Pettit still refer to 100 yen as a dollar, but only when we are talking to each other … which is all the time because we don’t fight. hee hee!
    I think the last time 100 yen was $1 CDN … was about 13 years ago: now it’s $1.31 CDN. It doesn’t matter much, as I’m not in Canada and most things there are pretty damn expensive these days compared to Japan. Surprising, but true.

    brianpettit: not even at a surprise birthday party!

    Bearman: or maybe ¥¥¥

    Tooty Nolan: hee hee! good one.

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