If I’m half in the sack, I’m usually just sleeping funny
… and not crawling into bed with anyone.


note: where I grew up, a “half-sack” was a “six pack of beer“: twelve beer was a case.
I never made a case out of the half-sack business though. I wasn’t a lawyer .. or Jesus with those loaves … or that annoying character from the Charles Dickens‘ book that does specials on TV about disappearing the Statue of Liberty … or anything.


Today #274

Today I discovered that Today #274 was incorrect, so now it’s correct … except for the first part being incorrect anymore.

9 responses to “Half

  1. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. We were in Thunder Bay Ontario a while back when the waitress asked “Whachagonnaeat?”. Yup. All one word.
    Nice heart… wearing their heart on the sidewalk?

  2. Not sure if you are aware of it, but the Prime Minister is the perfect character for you. It is never too late to be an actor!

  3. Oh, that’s a Canuck thing? The Duchess never said (but she doesn’t drink beer).

  4. I’ve never heard of a half-sack, but I’d buy one if it had beer in it.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I visited Thunderbay once as a kid: I remember watching the Jabberwocky movie there … in a theater!
    I think people in Canada call it “Tunderbay” in a monotone voice … for some reason. I actually laughed out loud reading your comment and said “Tunderbay” … outloud.

    note: if you look at this thing from any different angle either than front or back, it’s very heartless. hee hee!

    iloveludwig: I want to be the non-prime minister! Possibly 2 or 4.
    Actually, I would be a crap actor; I can’t even impersonate myself.

    madtante: It may be a West Coast Canada thing. I just used words without questioning their meaning when I was young … and only had enough money for a 6-Pack/Half Sack. hee hee!

    writerdood: I was always disappointed when friends showed up with half a halfsack.

  6. I can’t think of a relevant comment for this post so I’ll make an unrelevant/irrelevant one.
    Hey I really like the way that sheep is posing for the photo. Your remark about the Prawn Trawler Captain was hilarious. I wouldn’t have said that about Ernie & Bert though. They’ve had enough bad press don’t you think.

  7. Or I could’ve said. Really great post, this was just the information I was looking for.

  8. Tony: that latter comment shows up in my spam everyday. Any comment that says I provided good information has to be spam.

  9. I remember those days of buying a half sack! Do they still say that on Vancouver Island?
    Friendly stranger after bike race: “Hey Mr. Lance Armstrong, you look half sacked”.
    Lance: “Big nose, Big nose!”

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