Navel Grazing


The old man said, “You can choose the red ball, the yellow ball, or the blue ball: one will bring you wealth and fame, one will bring you an average life, and one will bring you poverty and misery.

I asked, “Can I choose that old cardboard box?

If you wish, but why?

Because you’ve already told me where those balls will lead.


note: you should have seen the guy who juggled those balls!


Today #267

Today I realized that if I was the guy sitting on top of a mountain, and people started coming to ask me questions about life, I’d probably just jerk them around with vague silly mumbo-jumbo questions. Hey! I’m just some goof sitting on a mountain!


6 responses to “Navel Grazing

  1. I am thinking sitting on a mountain top might hurt your butt.

  2. or if they ask you questions about life you could respond with: “regardless of the situation, always choose the old cardboard box.” That would sound very profound and probably satisfy most of the questions.

  3. That box looks comfortable. I think I’d like to slide down a mountain side in it.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Bearman: mountain tops are only really pointy in drawings; real mountains are kind of disappointing that way.

    Brown Road Chronicles: that’s a good idea!
    Someone should start a Cardboard Box School of Philosophy.

    Tooty Nolan: on the frontside or the backside? hee hee!

  5. Do you recall how Horatio Horseblanket intended to ride down that landslide in The Horatio Horseblanket Chronicles story ‘Not For Public Viewing’? Well that’s how I’d want to do it.

  6. Tooty Nolan: that’s how I would probably want to do it too!

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