I’m going to become a “trainspotter spotter” until that becomes popular

… then I’ll probably become a “trainspotter spotter spotter”.

I don’t know what I’ll do next, when that becomes popular!


note: there’s an old steam train around here that shoots out of a mountain tunnel onto a trestle bridge that goes over a river every Sunday around 11:30 am. It must look pretty cool: there are always a half dozen trainspotters waiting for it.

double note: here is the steam train on another section of the track, if you are into trains and stuff.


Today #266

Today I missed the train again … and the boat … and the bus …
but I thought about them.

3 responses to “Hobbytual

  1. I think you will eventually become a trainspotter spottest.
    You know, “spot, spotter, spottest”.

  2. iloveludwig: why is it “big, bigger, biggest“, but not “pig, pigger, piggest“? “It’s the piggest on the farm.
    It would save words … and people would know what I’m talking about. hee hee!

  3. My mistake. As you know, I am still rearning Engrish.
    btw, how can I become your student?
    I am certain that I will be your studentest!
    Have a nice week! 🙂

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