A Few Words Friday


Thinking Hardly


Hardly Thinking



note: pretty cool lightbulb eh!

double note: the company 100% sells some pretty cool stuff: http://www.100per.com/index.html


Today #264

Today was slippery … socks just weren’t good enough.


5 responses to “A Few Words Friday

  1. loves the light bulb look

  2. Looks like he’s waiting for it to explode. Or maybe he’s on the toilet.

  3. Is a double lightbulb as good as a double rainbow?

  4. No…its not good to strain like that. Relax, read a magazine.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Pigeon Heart: thanks for stopping by. I had a poorly formed idea maybe.

    writerdood: are you talking about me in the 3rd person? I’m quite 2nd personable actually. hee hee!
    Thinking and sitting on the toilet are about the same: both involve working things out.

    bearman: double lightbulbs last longer than double rainbows, but they are way more expensive!

    omawarisan: I was straining to get the camera as far away from my face as possible. I guess I shouldn’t have had the zoom-in feature on at the time.

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