A Vegetative Statement


When I eat a vegetarian dish, I always pretend one of the ingredients is meat.

Somehow, it doesn’t make the dish taste any better.

This asparagus is the worst pork I’ve ever eaten!

… but I do it anyway.


note: there’s a time and place for vegetables … in the Spring and in the ground. hee hee!

double note: I actually like most vegetables … just not those asparaguseses.

triple note: when I eat rare meat I pretend it’s a vegetable. “Man! I love this bloody onion!


Today #263

Today all my night classes cancelled, so I took the evening off. On the drive home at 6pm I noticed traffic, shops open, and people.
It was pretty freaky!


4 responses to “A Vegetative Statement

  1. I tried canned asparagus or is that asparagii once & thought it was terrible. Someone said that if I tried it fresh I’d definitely like it. Nope it was just as terrible. Tried aspapragii vol-au-vents nope horrible too. I am convinced that the only reason God created Asparagus is so Brussel Sprouts would have something to taste better than..

  2. I kind of like asparagus but it has to be cooked perfectly, not too hard, not too soggy, and soaked in some butter. In fact most things taste better soaked in butter. As to Tony’s comment, yes Brussel Sprouts are pretty disgusting.

  3. I wouldn’t dare take that asparagus spear away from that guy, even though I like asparagus. … although it makes your urine stink (something you non-asparagus eaters wouldn’t know about).

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: canned asparagus has to be the worst thing ever! The only way I can handle asparagus is when it’s almost not cooked at all and wrapped up in bacon.

    Brown Road Chronicles: if it has to be cooked perfectly, I better not try it in my kitchen.

    Donald Diddams: I was just scrounging around in my photos for something to go with this post … and voila! there it was. One of the Austin Powers movies does a gag about eating asparagus and peeing.
    I think it was in the 3rd one.

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