I can burp in several different languages.

I have skills

… just not social skills.


note: I think everybody could burp in many different languages, but some people just don’t like making mistakes.

double note: when I burp, I like to say the word “eructation“; it makes me feel like a scholar. hee hee!


Today #262

Today it took a while to turn my van’s engine over; I should have eaten breakfast.


8 responses to “Multilingual

  1. Why did you have to turn your engine over? Was the bottom side wearing down faster than the top side?

  2. I can burp proficiently in German 😉

  3. I belch and fart more of a patois.

  4. I tried burping in Chinese once but I pronounced it wrong & it was mistaken for a fart

  5. I can only manage 3.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I tried turning over a new leaf, but that was too easy. … so I went for the van’s engine.

    LC Aggie Sith: I once stayed in a campsite in Germany. The German people thought I was German, until I said something. … I guess I should have burped instead. hee hee!

    note: some people think I just write the “hee hee!” for effect, but actually I laugh at my own jokes. (I wish I was a congenital twin so I wouldn’t have to laugh alone) hee hee!

    madtante: I don’t think I have a patois, I just glance sideways a lot …which makes people look over where I am looking … just to check. (I never knew I did it, until my friend Mr. Pettit started mocking/imitating me)

    note: I don’t fart. It’s unladylike … oh wait a minute! yes I do fart.

    Tony: Chinese is tough.

    Bearman: 3 burps? … or 3 languages? … or managing 3 burps as a manager?

  7. Photo is of pissed evil gnome.

  8. S. Le: for some reason I knew you would eventually comment on this gnome photo. hee burp hee!

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