Fouchy-Teely … Or Something Like That


I’m not really touchy-feely.

I’m more blankey-starey
… smelly-sniffy
… lippy-smacky
… and  wiggly-eary.


note: if they didn’t put up do not touch signs, I wouldn’t touch those signs at all.

double note: hands are handy, but feet aren’t usually classified as being feety.

triple note: why is “felt” called “felt“? … I haven’t touched it yet!

quadruple note: can a person with no hands be handsome? … or a person with no feet have good feetures? … or a blind person have good looks? … or a deaf person be a good listener? … or a person with no ability to feel be sensitive? … or a mute person be vocal?

quintuple note: I apologize in advance for the “quadruple note“; I’m just playing with words. If I’ve offended anyone, I haven’t meant to.

sextuple note: beating someone senseless makes no sense.


Today #261

Everyone pushed me around today!
I’m not wearing my domino print shirt to work ever again!

11 responses to “Fouchy-Teely … Or Something Like That

  1. Yes, it must have been the shirt… I plan on sharing your funny quadruple point with my kids at school today. History needs a good laugh! Thanks!

  2. i was JUST saying 3 days ago: its such a redundant statement; my neighbor has a seeing- eye dog.
    thats like a hearing ear dog
    or a tasting tongue dog, etc…
    –deep thoughts–

  3. I’m either sleep-deprived (always) or simply dumb cos I did not understand the sign meant “do not touch” til you wrote it out. I was thinking “no hands? Why not hands?”

  4. If I had no hands I think I would still be very handsome… although I wouldn’t be able to gel up my hair like I usually do, so maybe not! Don’t worry Madtante I didn’t know what the sign meant either.

  5. No hands, no feet. One would have a difficult time playing the “hokey pokey.”
    Why do we arm wrestle with our hands? Shouldn’t it be called hand wrestle?
    I’m still waiting to see someone smack the sh*t out of someone. Now that would be and interesting post!

    Please don’t have me thinking so’s only Tuesday.

  6. You are smelly sniffy. I am scratchy sniffy.

  7. When my daughter was five and the wood burning stove was hot, I told her not to touch it. She immediately did and burned her little finger. Funny how that works. “DON’T TOUCH IT!”

  8. I thought it was a don’t stop sign. Guess it was the Japanese/English language barrier that tripped me up. I’ve never seen a roll of language Barrier Tape

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Heather: thanks for stopping by. At one time I had a teaching degree for History and English. I’m like Sting, except for not being famous, rich, or musical!
    Wow! I’m like Sting! ooohhh I’m getting goosebumps now!

    note: I’m sure 100 years from now Sting will be called Stung. … I think that’s how history works. hee hee!

    Pigeon Heart: You are singing to the choir, that has a lot of people all together singing the same song at the same time in the same place, about this redundancy stuff. I try to be dundant.

    madtante: a few commenters after you said the same thing. What’s the standard “don’t touch” symbol in the U.S. ?
    I’ve lived in Japan for 13 years, off and on, so I don’t know what’s different or the same when it comes to some things.

    Brown Road Chronicles: If I had no hands, I’d want to be know as “handfew” maybe. hee hee!

    Tammy: I’d like to see someone smack the sh*t out of someone too! Sorry for making you think, I’m bad for that sometimes. My friend Mr. Pettit is pretty good at telling me what he didn’t get from my posts.

    note: I’m not trying to make people think … I’m trying to make people think like me. hee hee!

    Bearman: as long as you are not Gumby and Pokey! hee hee!

    writerdood: I don’t think I disregarded the “don’t touch it” speech from people as a kid … except for my brothers’ and sisters’ record collections … and toys … and all their other stuff. hee hee!

    Tony:I’ve never seen a roll of language Barrier Tape
    You are definitely coming up with some good ones these days. “Language Barrier Tape” I like that one a lot!

    • I had a good teacher. Your blog has provided me with a wonderful word usage education.

      • Tony: thanks. words are just words. they mean what we want them to mean … if we ignore them, they don’t mean anything. If we change them, they mean something else. if we mess around with them, they don’t care … and maybe something will happen: I don’t know what, but I’ll keep tinkering. … I have nothing else to do.

        note: someday, I will create a word that makes it into a dictionary … or maybe not … that’s not my dream or anything … but it would still be cool … either way.
        Or maybe you will create a word … and I will feel bitter. hee hee!

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