Why are chopsticks a cool gift, but not a single fork?


note: I wish these chopsticks had different names; it’s confusing. I’m not sure which one goes in which hand!

double note: I want a set that are engraved with “this side up“.


Today #255

I have an alibi for today, but not an alihello.

10 responses to “Utensilliness

  1. Or how about labling “this end up”? So cool though, Ross. Your own personalized chopsticks. Two no less!

  2. “Which hand?” Too cute.

    I guess a single fork is like saying “fork you,” therefore inappropriate for most gifting occasions.

  3. I don’t know, if someone gave me a single fork that was engraved with my name, I might think that was pretty cool. If someone gave me chopsticks, I’d be like, “I hate eating with chopsticks, I can’t pick anything up, why didn’t you give me a fork?”

  4. The day I master the use of chopsticks is the day I will know I’ve achieved in life.

  5. I can use them but very slowly. They should be hollow like a straw for drinking soup.

  6. Thanks for the comments:

    Donald Diddams: I was supposed to have written that, but my left and right brain got mixed up doing the hokey pokey in the mirror. (I feel shame)

    madtante: I’m pretty good with chopsticks actually. I’m crap with eating peas with a knife though. Peas are undisciplined.

    note: everything is done with a lefthand here … except for the exceptional righthanded comment.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I wouldn’t mind a fork with my name on it … unless it looked like a knife in my shoulderblades or abdomen. hee hee … aaarrrghh.

    Cynicle Scribble: practice makes perfect … or more practice … or whatever. How is your Oz adventure going?

    Tony: they use the crazy spoons for soup here: ceramic and too much soup in them.

  7. It’s going ok thanks. I’ve got an update, but not for a few weeks 🙂

  8. I would like the ends labled on chop-sticks. “Mouth” on one end, and “Hand” on the other. I always get mixed up on that. That doesn’t happen with forks as often.

  9. prairieflounder: hee hee! maybe the chopsticks could be labelled “Handle” and “Mouthle” … or would that be more confusing?

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