Presents For Presences


What do you get the person who doesn’t need anything?








note: in lieu of flowers planetross requests chicken wings … so the birds will visit him … in some form or another.
(planetross is always for the birds!)

double note: can you see the chicken wing in the first photo?


Today #254

Today I thought God must have forgotten about that Genesisweek” business when he flooded the Earth for 40 days … and that 40 days of Lent stuff. If He was consistent, those things would have been 6 weeks a piece.

(my co-worker thinks I think weird things when I go outside for smokes: hey! it was raining! What else was I supposed to think about?)

7 responses to “Presents For Presences

  1. Interesting memorial gift. The only wings I would leave untouched are raw, still attached to the bird, or dipped in blue cheese.

  2. My god – it’s an invisible chicken wing! Oh hang on – I’ve just found my glasses.

  3. I saw it! But I don’t want to eat it. It’s been sitting on a rock. Personally, if I were a disembodied spirit stuck on this planet, I’m not so sure if chicken wings would be my first pick. I’ll have to notify my descendants. Or maybe I’ll leave a note on my grave – no food please: I’m not hungry. How about a nice glass of wine?

  4. I don’t mind it’s been sitting on a rock, but a dead person’s shrine? Yes, maybe a glass of wine…

  5. I love chicken, but never been a fan of wings. A little too carnivorous for me. Probably won’t be much of a fan when I’m dead either.

  6. Is that a KFC wing??? They are better than normal wings. I don’y know if a non-KFC wing would be good enough to appease the dead.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: I’d eat anything dipped in blue cheese … even bluer cheese … or a green sock maybe with ham, Sam I am.

    Tooty Nolan: I should have made the first picture bigger … or the chicken wing. I’m not sure now … when is lunch?

    writerdood: I don’t usually eat things that are on rocks … except delicious rocks … and squirrels … delicious squirrels that look like ice cream. How do they do that?

    Donald Diddams: know your limits … that’s all I can say. I wouldn’t eat anything sitting on a grave, like you. hee hee!

    Brown Road Chronicles: I’m sure when I’m dead I’ll be asking if the food is alive. I might be a zombie though.

    Tony: I’ve never eaten a KFC wing. I have no standards. I have much to learn and must “fetch hither with speed”.

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