Shady Business


A 3D-silhouette would be pretty cool!


note: a statue of a statue’s shadow would be cool too!

double note: When is my shadow the shortest? … when I’m pissed off probably!
… that’s usually zenith for me.


Today #253

Today at the onsen (hotspring bath), I used the grapefruit body soap and the milk based shampoo: my neck curdled.

7 responses to “Shady Business

  1. Wouldn’t it be neat if they hooked gas up to it and had a continuous flaming horse? It would be perfect for a restaurant – the Fire Horse Grill. I’d eat there. (Assuming they don’t actually serve horse).

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Oops, clicked the wrong thing. I mean to comment on your post of that horse silhouette. It’s really good! It’s actually a really good remake of a horse, looks great.

  3. Unsightly curdling necks can be covered by turtle necks but I’m afraid nothing can be done about the smell.

  4. I would love to have a 3D shadow.
    I could send it to work while I take a break.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: I’d like an old Mustang with a hood ornament that shoots flames! … or a Volkwagen Bug with a hood ornament that shoots bugs … or a Ranchero with a hood ornament that shoots hot cheese!

    wordsfallfrommyeyes: thanks for stopping by. I should have taken it from a better angle, so it actually had four legs and its head was a bit more bigger. This gives me a reason to go back to Yokohama eventually.

    madtante: would those turtlenecks be called “curtlenecks“? hee hee!
    Someone said I smelled like citrus fruit later in the day … or compost … I can’t remember.

    Tony: I want a blue shadow … a yellow one would only look cool while peeing outside. hee hee!

  6. Trying to imagine your curdled neck is making my brain mushy. Of course it could have already been mushy. I’ve only just now noticed though.

  7. S. Le: the grapefruit body soap present in the onsen made me question whether I was on the women’s side again: after I saw it, I went and checked the door to see that I was on the men’s side. Sometimes I’m the first person in in the morning, so I have to be careful.
    If my neck gets all curdlely, I’ll probably start saying, “Gobble Gobble” to fit in. hee hee!

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