Flat Tire Tip #1


Always have a Jack Handey!

… in case you want to fix a flat tire … or wait around for someone else to fix it.


note: I’ve had this book since 1993 … and I still laugh when I pick it up.
It was one of the only books I brought to Japan along with  a few John Irving novels.
Hey! I needed to fill up the backpack somehow! … socks and underwear are boring.


Today #252

Today I felt so good I had to scream! … and the drive-thru speaker at McDonald’s wasn’t working properly.

5 responses to “Flat Tire Tip #1

  1. I hate when the speaker isn’t working properly & they get your order wrong. Those jacks are very colour coordinated. I’d hate to be caught out somewhere in public & have a flat tyre with an unfashionable jack. That would really jack me off.

  2. I’ve never had to change a flat tire, thank God. I wonder if I’ll attemp to fix it or wait for someone else.

    Does that jack really come in pink?

    “Deep Thoughts” was such a funny segment on SNL.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: yours and Tammy‘s comment made me question exactly what colour jack I bought. I bought it about 2 years ago, but have never used it and haven’t even opened the box. It’s black with a red pumpy handle thing … luckily. I never noticed that they came in pink until I actually looked at the photo after your comment.

    Tammy: see above.
    They only had 2 in stock at the store when I bought it. I can’t see the store stocking pink jacks though: it’s a manly store. hee hee!
    Jack Handey is classic!

  4. Don’t know about Jack Handey. Jack Daniels, I know.

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