Headlights Left On Should Be Turned Right Off


As I pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot, I noticed an unattended car with its lights on.

I sat there for 30 minutes, and not one of the people who arrived after me informed the staff about the car.

People are jerks!


note: why was I in the parking lot? … free parking of course!

double note: no my van wasn’t facing a window.

triple note: I could stare at headlights for hours … or a few seconds, if the car is moving.


Today #251

Today I had to go into work to retrieve my i-phone charger cord. I realized that work kind of sucks when I’m not there … but a little less than when I have to actually be there. hee hee!

3 responses to “Headlights Left On Should Be Turned Right Off

  1. It’s amazing that even though it’s only a photo, looking at the headlights is quite dazzling. It’s almost as though the lights are shining right through the monitor into the room
    I had a funny experience once with lights left on. Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I was out one Saturday morning in our door to door ministry when I saw a car in front of a particular house with it’s lights left on. I decided to let the people in the house know about it. As I walked up the stairs to the side door of the house I could see a man sitting in the kitchen having his breakfast. He looked up & saw me in my shirt & tie (and pants too) with Bible & Watchtower magazines.in my hand then looked back to his newspaper he was reading. The door was right next to the kitchen window & when I knocked he pretended to ignore me. People often don’t want to talk to us & will pretend to not be home, I used to do it myself once. Despite being in full view & hearing me knock multiple times he refused to even acknowledge I was there. I only wanted to tell him his lights were on. Wonder if he got a flat battery. Thinking about it now I should’ve left a note on his windscreen saying “If you have a flat battery your lights were on. I tried to tell you but you were too ignorant to acknowledge my presence”.
    Oh look I’ve written a complete Guest post. OK I’ll shut up now ‘cos it’s your blog not mine

  2. “I used to do it myself once” Just once. We only hid from my dad’s cousin. Poor guy.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: haha! If you had left a note, that probably would have made the guy think twice about not answering the door the next time. … or at least check out the window to see if his lights were on and continue ignoring the knocking.
    The most fearful person to meet when opening the door in Japan is “The NHK Guy” (it’s the public broadcasting network people with quasi-official powers to force people to pay $20 a month for owning a TV). All the other stations are free to watch; I don’t know why NHK deserves any money!

    I was always relieved to see Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door. “Whew! I thought you were going to be from NHK!

    note: I don’t have a TV anymore, so I’m safe.

    Bearman: I don’t hide from anyone knocking on my door in Japan now. It’s usually the police wanting to update their info on who lives in the house … or a yogurt company wanting to give me free samples … or the pizza guy.

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