When I look at these 2 photos*, taken on July 5th and September 2nd, I think …

I probably won’t be able to see this car by winter!


note: if hair was like plants, barbers wouldn’t be very busy in the winter.

double note: I’m glad nature isn’t bald.

triple note: I wonder if André The Giant every said, “I’m overgrown.” 

quadruple note: possibly Easter is, when it is, because eggs are harder to find in the summer. I could be wrong; I usually am.

quintuple note: if I worked on a chicken farm, everyday would be Easter! … and I’d probably have a funky smell.

* actually I forgot that I’d taken these 2 photos, but I must have known that I’d know they would come in handy someday.


Today #250

Today I lost weight …  it was atomic weight, but it still felt good.

11 responses to “Nature

  1. Looks like it’s in hunting country- Paint it brown and put some antlers on it, then watch the change!!!

  2. Gosh! We’ve been needlessly paying the bin man to haul our rubbish! We should just toss it out in our woods!

  3. Poor car. That’s got to hurt, just being abandonded like that. Someone should start an orphanage for wayward cars. Nature cant take care of it, her owner couldn’t take care of it…. Poor thing 😦

  4. I’d say by winter you’ll be able to see the car in plain sight. All the vegetation will be dead.

    Congrats on your atomic weight loss. Is your chemical symbol Pr?

  5. That picture is awesome. From the looks of whatever is growing up that tree in the background we won’t be able to see the tree either!

  6. That climbing vine sure has grown fast on the tree. I think you need to buy a weed whacker. Shame on you for trying to make out that your back yard is pristine wilderness just to excuse your poor lawn care schedule. There’s probably a lost tribe of midgets living in that car

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Sandysays1: they hunt bear around here, but not deer. Maybe I should put a red shirt on this car … so it looks like Winnie the Pooh. hee hee!

    Bearman: it’s not my lawn. It’s just a place close to a set of lights that I drive by sometimes.

    S. Le:
    the place I lived as a child included an old Chinese dump. My sister excavated a few spots over a few years and found some really cool stuff: old bottles, cans, and other memorabilia.

    Heather: the car was outside of a wreckers: it looked like it could be fixed, but it still sits there … sadly.

    Tammy: you are stating the obvious … obviously. Let me live with my illusions. hee hee!

    Brown Road Chronicles: vines seem to grow really fast here … over short periods of time. … like rumours. hee hee!

    Tony: it’s not my backyard. It’s just a place I drive by once in a while: stoplights are involved.

    • OK you’re off the hook on the messy backyard but I am still convinced the lost tribe of pygmies is in there somewhere. I said midgets before because I couldn’t think of the name of them. I think Midget isn’t very PC these days anyway

  8. I think you should take a photo every month to chronicle how the earth takes back this car!

  9. Tony: I may have to put up notices on telephone poles: “Lost: one tribe of pygmies“. hee hee!

    madtante: I drive by this place at least once a month; I may follow your suggestion.
    I originally took the first photo thinking the car looked like it hit the tree, if I had taken a better photo from a better angle. I may have said the car had a depth perception problem. … or width perception problem.

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