I hate litter!

I always use a flush toilet.


note: roadside litter means a bush, tree, or gravel right?

double note: I carried a litter on a litter to the litter on the litter in the forest.
(that was more fun than using their, there, and they’re in a single sentence!)

triple note: a 45 gallon drum of apple juice would require a big straw!


Today #249

Today I thought,
“Has Swanson started making High Definition TV Dinners?


14 responses to “Litterally

  1. The randomness of your posts is epic!

  2. LC Aggie Sith: thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, I try to be very topical: and not do the same topic twice … and I usually have a topicture … at the top. hee hee!

  3. Have you been drinking fermented apple juice from a 45 gallon drum?

  4. I like your blog. It is funny. I will follow your blog. Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. I think you’re taking this too literally.

    Thanks for playing.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Brown Road Chronicles: no, this is how I usually am. You’ll just have to deal with it … I’m harmless. hee hee!

    Heather: thanks for stopping by and subscribing to the blog!
    I will try to be funny from now on … but usually I don’t try very hard.
    If I had to describe this blog, it would be 99% illucidity and 1% lucidity … or just a bunch of random crap that pops into my head.

    S. Le: I’ve sent you a package; beware!

    note:Thanks for playing.

    did I win? … or lose? … or best two out of three?

    • Got the package! Brilliant contents! Watch my blog on Monday for a post re said package.

      • Oh, and you “won” the Sweet Bloke award. You can’t see it but it makes you feel really good.

      • S. Le: that was quick getting there!
        It’s only big enough to carry 1 doughnut … or a dozen, if you squish them up real bunchy like! hee hee!

        note: sometimes I award myself awards, but I don’t think I will pass them on to my imaginary kids who don’t have the proper polishing stuff to keep them in good shape.
        Imaginary kids are sometimes worse than real ones!

  7. I can never read what’s written on litter. I must suffer from il-litter-acy

  8. Tony: hee hee! I’m il-litterate too! … I put my stuff in the designated receptacles.

    I’ve sent you an envelope! watch your postbox.

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