Matching Outfitters


My mother never used to dress us kids alike … intentionally.

However, we did kind of look the same at 2 year intervals.


note: I’m the youngest, but photos of me seem the most faded … and patchy … for some reason.


Today #248

Today was hump day! … I humped around for most of it.

5 responses to “Matching Outfitters

  1. I’m a twin and was dressed identically to my brother all the time as a kid. *Brings back painful memories of the outfits* Maybe this is why I hate clothes shopping now!

  2. Your mother would have to buy the whole line of that shirt if she was to dress you and all your siblings the same! Hand me downs are pretty cheap!

    My dog loves hump day! He’s not very good with a calendar though.

  3. I was the youngest and got all the hand me downs…even from my sisters.

  4. I saw a whole range of my favourite Bumble Bee shirts in a shop the other day. They had short sleeve rugby tops, long sleeve rugby tops & long sleeve t-shirts. All the same black & yellow horizontal stripe design that Michelle hates so much, I don’t understand why. A couple of each would’ve given me one for every day of the week plus a couple of spares. I wasn’t allowed to buy them which is a shame as I could’ve dressed me alike so no-one could tell me apart….

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Cynical Scribble: my best friend is a twin. I remember him and his brother dressed similarly in Jr. Highschool/Highschool: one with blue cords and a brown velour shirt, the other with brown cords and a blue velour shirt.

    note: I think the funniest things they got for Christmas, before going off to university, were an ironing board for one of them and an iron for the other!

    Kelly Pettit: that’s for sure!

    I could wear the same thing everyday: wifebeater and green shorts … and give myself hand-me-downs.

    Bearman: I used to get hand-me-downs from my sister. The only one that didn’t suck was a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

    Tony: I usually buy 2 of shirts that I like. I try not to wear them 2 days in a row though, … as people question my cleanliness.
    You’d have to put numbers or the days of the week on those shirts, if you implement your plan.

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