There’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)


I guess if there were no sun,

… the moon would be the brightest thing in the sky.


note: moonar landings are for moonatics!

double note: I’d feel better landing on the moon while it was full … I’m not very good at parking.


Today #247

Today was a hot sweaty day … which is better than those cold sweaty days.


10 responses to “There’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)

  1. Of course, if there was no sun, the moon would have nothing to reflect and would be dark as well. We’d also be dead, so I guess its a moot point!

  2. That looks like a giant jack.

  3. If there were no sun would the moon be bright at all?

  4. I hear the Canadian Astronauts want to be the first country to walk on the sun….
    They realize it’s really hot but they have a plan.

    …..They’re going to go at night! 😉

    Madtante: In case you don’t know, you should scroll your curser over the picture and read what it is…. 🙂

  5. Dude. Totally missed the whole scrolly thing. KEWL!

  6. I like how they put a radar dish on every point. I wonder, if you zoom in on the dishes, does the spike in the middle have another dish on it? They could go on and on with that!

  7. Is there a red rubber ball nearby?

  8. I dunno why they didn’t give the moon a proper name. I think the moons of other planets have names. Maybe we should start a petition as well as a moon name choosing contest

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Brown Road Chronicles: the moon would have about 8 minutes as the brightest thing in the sky!
    (… but supposedly when the sun burns out, the Earth will explode instantly, so my point is moot … like you said)

    madtante: it does indeed!

    Bearman: I’ve always considered the moon as kind of slow witted usually. It might be bright: people should give it tests maybe. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit:
    thanks for mentioning the cursor over the photo thing.
    I thought the Canadian Navy was going to put screen doors on their ships to keep them cool … or have glass bottom boats, so they could see the old Canadian Navy. hee hee!

    writerdood: that would have been cool!
    Actually, I don’t know what that thing represented. An annual event in this city involves putting battery operated lights on poles and covering a local triangular shaped mountain. The lights on the tips of this thing are the same as the ones they plant all over the mountain. Maybe it’s supposed to be a star … or something!

    omawarisan: I went to a red rubber ball once … it was an S&M charity event. hee hee!
    one bouncy, two bouncy!

    Tony: I vote for “Sky Biscuit” … or “Night Sun” … or maybe “Mooney“!

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