Signs And Writing


I can’t read the writing on the wall

… it’s on the other side , I guess.


note: what the hell does an exclamation mark sign mean!

double note: I’ll start worrying when I see question mark signs.

of special note: omawarisan over at Blurt needs a new header on his blog and is having a contest! I’ve submitted my entry: you should check out all the clever entries over at his blog. The contest is still going on … so just saying.
(I don’t include my entry as clever … that would be presumptuous … and I’m more consumptuous)


Today #245

Today I bought booze at a Do It Yourself center … I found that ironic … or sad … or the cheapest place in town to buy it … or found it at least.


5 responses to “Signs And Writing

  1. I want an exclamation point sign to put over my desk chair. If I do that, everyone will not bother me there because they’ll think I’m too intense.

  2. This begs the question, did you go into the do-it-yourself center to buy something else… or just the booze?

  3. Looks like a baseball bat to me…maybe it’s announcing this is the area for storing bats?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    omawarisan: I’d go for a “period” myself … because this conversation is over. hee hee!

    Brown Road Chronicles: I went into the place to buy the alcohol I drink at the cheapest price in town: I’m thrifty sometimes. I do buy other things there … like toothpaste, toilet paper, and washing liquid, but on that day I went in for the cheap liquor. I didn’t even use a carrying basket: I two fisted my purchases to the checkout.
    To be fair, on another day I would have two fisted my oil purchase to the checkout … because 4 liters is pretty heavy. hee hee!

    madtante: I never really thought about the exclamation signs until I was looking for a “wall picture” to put on this post. I’m sure I see exclamation signs once in a while, but don’t notice them … or the roadworkers jumping out of the way! hee hee!

    Tony: are Gumby and Pokey ex-claymation stars?

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