Go Forth And Propagate Up!


I’m not sure if this gate is a subjugate, a relegate, or a castigate.

It’s definitely not a segregate.


note: maybe it’s a watergate … it’s pretty scandalous!

double note: these people probably have a pet elephant … they have long memories.


Today #242

Today I thought, “If I can’t be rich, at least I can be creamy.


5 responses to “Go Forth And Propagate Up!

  1. I’m sure if they really wanted a gate they would propagate up. It must be a gate for people who don’t like gates.
    Creamy? How does one be creamy? “Food” for thought…

  2. As long as it isn’t “castrate”

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I’m pretty whipped when Friday rolls around, but I wouldn’t classify myself as being creamy …. maybe “creamed“.

    Bearman: hee hee! … sorry that’s all I can think of.

  4. It doesn’t look wide enough to shut properly all the way across. The dog will get out!!!

  5. Tony: I guess they can say they live in a gated community … it could up their resale value!

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