Disposable Change


It’s amazing how putting a different nose on a person changes their appearance dramatically:

… except Mr. Potato Head … he always kind of looks the same.


note: I went for “the dude” cup.

double note: the last time I used a paper cup was at the dentists … although it involved more swishing and spitting than actually drinking.

triple note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking this photo.


Today #241

Today wasn’t really that bad, but it wasn’t really that good either: it was just really for most of the time. “Keeping it really” was today’s catchphrase.

5 responses to “Disposable Change

  1. That one really looks good. Great choice, although I would’ve liked to see how you looked with the bucked teeth Dufus one.

  2. It’s a pretty good designe. We used to draw different eyeballs when I was a kid and hold them like a monocle with our actual eye? Good times.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I will eventually try them all … and have photographic evidence.

    madtante: I used to write my name on the bottom of beer cans in felt marker … so I could see who was stealing my beer.

  4. So fun! I’d choose a smaller nose.

  5. S. Le: I didn’t have that choice … it’s genetics or something scientific like that.

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