Nose Picking


I bought these paper cups about exactly a month ago.

I’ve been waiting for a reason to use them.

Now I’ve found the perfect reason! … I’m tired of waiting … and a few people are coming over for a BBQ later today.

There are 12 different noses to choose from.


Which one will I choose?

Now is your time to guess! No prizes: just personal bragging rights.
You have a 1/dozen% chance of guessing correctly!

I’ll post the photo of the chosen nose, with my gob in it, tomorrow or after I’ve finished all the leftover BBQitis that seems to end up in my fridge before my belly.


note: I do like “the art student” one because of S. Le over there at Good in Parts… naff in others

double note: this is going to be like plastic surgery, but with paper instead. I’d make a good “Paper Surgeon“.

triple note: they’d have to make bigger cups to put my nose on them.


Today #240

Today a 70 year old lady gave me the “thumbs up” at the grocery store for folding up and taping an unfolded cardboard box like a pro.
I’m pretty good at that … and getting the knots out of yoyo strings, if I must say so myself.

15 responses to “Nose Picking

  1. I love the cups, but it’s too bad you didn’t take a few shots of you using them

  2. Awesome! Quite possibly the coolest paper cups I have ever seen. Have fun at your BBQ!

  3. The title of this post grabbed my attention. I was thinking, “Someone’s writing a post about nose picking? Seriously?” I laughed when I saw what it was all about. These are just the coolest cups ever! xD

  4. Nice cups, and from the today #240 story, i’d say you’ll go for the leading man!

  5. I kinda like the Doofus. maybe because I am one…I don’t know if I could drink out of one with a mole on it. It’s a kinda yucky thought

  6. I sorta have the doofus nose; big and goofy looking.

    (Thanks for the promo for my blog! My check is in the post.)

  7. Forget about noses, the Art Student needs some dental work, I’d say.

  8. “The Dude” one is my favorite.

  9. Do you think this companies PR song is Linda Ronstadt’s “Love is your nose but you better not pick it” song?

    I thought you looked good in your new nose! Was sad to see it go!

  10. I have a leading man nose but not his porn stache.

  11. Thanks for all the comments!

    razzbuffnik: Mr. Pettit did take a few photos of the BBQ crew using the cups and passed them along to me, so I could put them in the post above this one.

    zookyshirts: thanks for stopping by! When I saw these cups at an art museum giftshop, I knew I had to buy them.

    Zen: thanks for visiting! I’ve probably written about actually picking my nose before: I blog at that level sometimes.

    Donald Diddams: I went for “the dude” … but I want to drink out of all of them eventually … even the ones other people drank out of!

    Tony: I was going to use “the doofus“, but then thought that most people would think I would go for that one. I took reverse psychology courses at university … or maybe I didn’t.

    S.Le: my nose is bigger than all of those noses: drinking out of those cups makes me look better … sadly.

    Pat Coakley: I think the one with all the teeth is “the redneck“. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Zach: Thanks for stopping by! I went for “the dude” one.

    Kelly Pettit: maybe they use the ABBA song, “Nosing Me, Nosing You“. hee hee!

    Bearman: I have a “porn 5 o’clock shadow” hee hee!

    • I put my initials on the corner (small) of a yoga mat cos the studio I took it in (totally hippie/ real-deal yoga–not gym bunny or yuppie) actually had the same mats for guests.

      One day, one of the teachers stared a long time at it. I shrugged and said why. “How cute.” She didn’t say it like she thought it was cute 😦

      Apparently my lack of faith in other practicing yoginis was objectionable–or perhaps the fact that it made me look like I was in kindergarten. Either way, I still think it was a good thing to declare my property!

      • madtante: I had to remember what I wrote as a comment in the next post to figure out why this was relevent.
        I think I would have done the same about the yoga mat.
        If I had a Yoga Bear Doll, I’d probably do the same … because they made a lot of those at one time. hee hee!

  12. …it probably was NOT relevant, there’s me:

    You said you put your name on bottom of beer cans so nobody would steal your beer. It made me remember the initials on yoga mat thing.

    • madtante: I just got confused for a second because you left this comment on a different post than the one with the beer can comment.

      note: I used to write my name in the snow … before that damn DNA testing thing started. hee hee!

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