Are You There Godzilla? It’s Me Planetross


I believe in Godzilla.
I’m a Godzilla fearing person.

The kingdom of Godzilla is within you.

Godzilla has poured out his love into our hearts.

Godzilla is with you in all that you do.

(Quotes from Luke, some Romans, and that band that used to have Peter Gabriel in it before they went mainstream … and planetross for sure.)


note: some of those Godzilla movies are Godzilla awful!

double note: didn’t everyone as a kid secretly think “Godzilla” when the name “God” was mentioned in church? … oh! … okay, nevermind.

triple note: Godzilla be with you.

quadruple note: I’m glad I spent 12 cents to buy this bag at the local girls’ high school festival a few months ago.
(I don’t know where non-local girls go to high school)

quintuple note: please don’t call me prejudiced … there is only one of me … I’m prejudied … at best … but not really.

sextuple note: do some people tolerant and rave?


Today #238

Today I rolled snake eyes 12 times in a row … I think the dice were prejudice!

20 responses to “Are You There Godzilla? It’s Me Planetross

  1. that band that used to have Peter Gabriel in it before they went mainstream

    Exactly the way I put it except the end goes something like, “before they @#%^&@ it up with Phil Collins.”

  2. I used to play a Godzilla game. It was awesome, the kids loved it. My favorite was Mecha Godzilla – I liked his missiles, but Godzilla 2000 has a devastating tail attack.

  3. Saying “Godzilla Bless You” after someone sneezes is a mouthful

  4. So if I don’t believe in this gigantic gorilla am I an Apetheist???

  5. Hmmm, which way to go…Godzilla, Genesis, Peter Gabriel?
    Godzilla created the universe.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: Phil Collins is still pretty big in South America for some reason, but Cyndi Lauper is still pretty big in Japan, so I don’t know what I was trying to say.

    writerdood: my older brothers and sisters used to play a Godzilla game with me: I’d build a sandcastle, card tower, woodblock town, hotwheels ramp jump, …
    … and then they’d say “I’m Godzilla” and smashed the crap out of whatever I made.

    bearmancartoon: I’d probably say “Gezillaundheit“. hee hee!

    Tony: if you don’t believe in King Kong then you are an “Apetheist“; if you don’t believe in Godzilla, then you won’t be present at “The Raptore” at the end of the world. hee hee!

  7. History shows us again and again how nature points up the folly of man…doesnt sell many totebags

  8. Tammy: you just sneaked your comment in here while I wasn’t looking.
    Throwing references into a post is like throwing bones: throw enough gives everyone something to bite on! … except for vegetarians.

    omawarisan: if I carried a totebag around, it would say “Colostomy” on it. hee hee!

  9. Oh silly me I was thinking that Godzilla was the big monkey. I need to watch more movies

  10. That bag is fab! I love it!
    When Art Major was ages 3 – 8 he was obsessed with Godzilla! His Aunt baked him a birthday cake with a city made of biscuits, little snack cakes, etc. with a plastic Godzilla on it. When we lit the candles the buildings caught on fire. It was very authentic! Best birthday cake ever!

  11. Tony: King Kong is technically an ape … not a monkey. You are digging yourself a hole on this one. hee hee!

    S. Le: I will send you the bag, if you would like it. It’s only as big as my hand … I guess it’s a handbag. hee hee!
    That sounds like it was a pretty cool cake!
    My mother used to put 3 nickels and one button into birthday cakes: if you got the button you’d never be married. Now that I think about it, I did get more than my fair share of buttons growing up!
    oh! nickels meant you were going to be wealthy … if you saved all the nickels from the cake … and found a good mutual fund or other high interest option. hee hee!

    • It would cost too much to send it. It’s really awesome though. We actually have a plastic Godzilla in front of our TV that Art Major brought back from Japan. Guess he still loves the beasty!

  12. You called, my pesky little human Canuck?

  13. Ok so the king kong ape not monkey or lizard was a gorilla. Now wasn’t he the one who was Tarzan’s friend??? Or am I thinking of Lancelot Link the secret chimp???

  14. That bag reminds me of a T-shirt I once saw with one of the those “hi my name is” conference tags printed on it (just like the sort of thing that gets handed out to stick on your shirt or jacket). The funny thing for me was in the space where one usually puts their own name in, was scrawled in a demented hand, the word “Satan” in what looked like thick marker pen.

  15. I think that Rupert Bear just edges out Godzilla.

  16. Thanks for the comments.

    epicurriene: you are back? (pinch pinch pinch)

    Tony: you are just back peddling now. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: I think I’ve seen that t-shirt. On a serious note, you’re website/blog recently comes up with malware virus alerts when I access it … and I can’t read or leave a comment on your blogs. I want to, but I can’t. (sad face)

    Tooty Nolan: Rupert Bear isn’t in the Bible. You are crazy. hee hee!
    … although his rain slicker is pretty slick …. or er.

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