Bees give me hives

… or at least leave them in places where I can steal them.


note: why are they called “catacombs” … and not “catatombs“?

double note: I’ll think of the above things as “bees” … as long as they don’t sting me. If they sting me, then they will be a bunch of dead “wases”.

triple note: “Today, Adee Honey Farm in South Dakota, USA, (80,000 colonies) and Scandia Honey Company in Alberta, Canada (12,000 colonies) are among the world’s largest beekeeping enterprises.”
from Wikipedia

quadruple note: I  always thought “apiarists” were people who liked appetizers. 

quintuple note: I seem to be going through an insect stage lately on the blog. I think egg, larva, and pupa stages are over: I should be an adult pretty soon.


Today #232

Today I thought “glow in the dark lightbulbs” would be a good idea during a power outage … but not so good on a regular night, while I’m trying to sleep.

3 responses to “Bees

  1. When I was five I stepped on a ground-dwelling hornets nest. I was swarmed by them. They bit me and stung me everywhere. I can still remember how the pain forced me to overcome my fear of touching them and how their little bodies popped in my tiny hands when I grabbed them and squeezed. Back then, my hands were smaller and a single hornet filled them up. Imagine holding a live wiggling hornet in your fist while it stings you and bites you and you squeeze it until it pops. I’ve never been able to shake that memory. They stung me and bit me everywhere, but didn’t leave any stingers. I managed to get out of the woods and ran home crying. But I’m not allergic, and they didn’t leave much of a trace. My parents couldn’t understand my insane babbling and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me until I calmed down enough to explain. I had nightmares for years. Therefore, when I see hornets nests, I generally kill them at range with pesticides.

  2. Hey they are wasps not bees!!! What kind of international scam are you trying to pull here???
    Isn’t a catacomb like a cat grooming place???

  3. writerdood: that’s a good reason.
    I was once stung dead center on my upper lip by something. My lip swelled up like crazy: I didn’t want anyone to see me, but Herbie Rides Again was playing at the movie theater … so I endured the ridicule and went to the movie. The things I do for art!

    Tony: I just didn’t have any good photos of bees that day.
    If I had a grooming salon, it would be called “The G-Room“: I wouldn’t do any cat baths personally though.

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