The Numata Matsuri 2011



The Numata Matsuri has come and gone for another year.

It arrived too slowly and departed too quickly: like the slug that turns into a race car … that I saw somewhere … or another.

When I think about the Numata Matsuri, all 5 senses are involved.
My 6th sense, about not drinking a lot of beer, isn’t involved so much at all.

Sight: seeing this many people doing cool stuff because they want to blows my mind.

Hearing: “The Tengu Drummers” hold everything in the Matsuri together. This year I’ve finally realized that “The Tengu Drummers” are the straw that stirs the drink: without them … it just doesn’t gel.

Taste: Kebabman” is my favourite food stall  player. (I don’t see too many Kebabs during the rest of the year sadly)

Touch: the feel of room temperature cork as I load it into my air rifle for the kill shot. (actually I’m banned from doing this because of me poking all the stuff over by just using the gun barrel last year)
I don’t have any pictures of me sweating and drinking cold beer … so this had to do.

Smell: the smell of another Numata Matsuri next year … and kebabs … and hot sweaty weather … and everything attached to the Numata Matsuri!


 note: I have P.M.S.Post Matsuri Syndrome.

 double note: 362 days of anticipation to follow
… crap! Next year is a leap year!

triple note: apologies for not visiting your blogs … I’ll be back lookey looing soon.


Today #224

Today I’ve realized that I am a “homer” … just not from where I grew up though.

5 responses to “The Numata Matsuri 2011

  1. Cynical Scribble

    I say it every year and I’ll probably say it next year…but it looks ace.

  2. 12 years of Numata Matsuri for us. They never get old (unlike us). Your blogs really show the vibe. Thanks!

  3. I wonder if this festival is equivalent to what we call a county fair.
    I bet there are no monster trucks and tractor-pulls in Japan.

  4. The 1st picture, I remember the big red nose bloke in one of Flat Tony’s pictures.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Cynical Scribble: if you are coming back from Australia next year in early August, you should stop by.
    I didn’t include the photo, but the police actually turn their backs to the crowd … I guess they are there to protect the crowd from the guys carrying all those things around … or they just want to watch too!

    Kelly Pettit: it must be 14 years of The Numata Matsuri for you; I was gone for 2 years … or more gone than usual. hee hee!

    Tammy: there are a lot of food stands and game stands lined up along the streets with people dragging or carrying dashi/mando (things with wheels) and omikoshi (no wheels).
    Every pokey little place seems to either have this type of festival or fireworks or both.

    Tony: Tengu is kept in a big showcase on mainstreet for the rest of the year. I’m sure Flat Tony saw him.

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