Left Not Right


You know those kids who never have their shoes on the right feet.

… I think one of them grew up and works at this stone monument place.


note: … unless they are hands from different stone people … or there is a big stone face looking at the hands. I could be wrong; I usually am.

double note: most people don’t like sitting on hands as a rule.


Today # 223

Today I thought I better get back to blogging. 
Not blogging is like belonging to an anti-social network. Is there a “Get Out of My Facebook” out there? I bet a lot of people wouldn’t sign up to that!

6 responses to “Left Not Right

  1. Maybe the hands are the right way around but a birth defect caused the thumbs to be on the wrong sides. I tried this hand pose & discovered by trial & error (How come nobody ever discovers things by trial & correct???) if you turn your wrists so your palms face toward you your thumbs are on the outsides like the photo. Twist your wrists again so your palms face outward & your thumbs move to the inside. I think wrists are an amazing the way they can reorganise those thumbs. We need an International Year of the Wrist

  2. Maybe the palms are supposed to be facing the person as if in prayer (ok it’s a stretch)

  3. Sitting on hands is okay – but approximately only half as good as sitting on faces. Make that a quarter as good. Note I’m using fractions instead of percentages. I’ve given up decimals for the day. I’m also going deaf – perhaps I should have given up decibels.

  4. Are the kids who wear shoes on the wrong feet less likely to become pigeoned-toed? Just wondering.

    Glad you are back.

  5. I wonder which people prefer, the left or the right. It would be easier to decide if the thumbs were arm rests.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: it seems I’m in the minority on this one: Mr. Pettit argued against my thinking furiously … I think he even dropped a few coins between the cushions on his designated sofa at my place. hee hee!

    Bearman: a big stone head facing the hands would make it more obvious. I didn’t sit in those chairs … just in case they pulled me underground.

    Tooty Nolan: your comment is kind of dirty and could get me into trouble. Although some people ask to sit on my face, and I say “What! I’m not a chair man … like Mao!”

    Tammy: that’s a good point! Socks on the wrong don’t seem to do anything at all!
    I feel like I’m in the blogging halfway house: it’s hard to get super motivated busy performing all my blogging duties. I blame it on summer, heat, and summery/heaty related beverages.

    writerdood: I’d choose the one on the right … because it doesn’t have a puddle of water in it. hee hee!

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