Using Mental Fingers And Toes


There should be a calculator for doing mental arithmetic

… or a ruler at least.


note: I feel sluggish lately … avoiding salt … leaving a trail … and all that stuff, but I really don’t feel like blogging for a while.
So I will be back after the next big event on my The Big Three list:

Numata Matsuri 2008 / Numata Matsuri 2009

Kinder Olympics / When Was The Last Time?

Dance Recital Madness / Dance Recital Madness: Day 2

Dance Recital Madness 2011

double note: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I didn’t miss last year’s Numata Matsuri from August 3rd to 5th … I just took crappier photos than usual … and thought I’d give it a miss as blog fodder for a year. I will report on it again this year. (promise)

triple note: does anyone do mental algebra?

quadruple note: I think I deposed a ruler back in 1977 … when Canada went all metric on me.


Today 222

Today was like eating a day old banana … it wasn’t ripe at all.

7 responses to “Using Mental Fingers And Toes

  1. Is that a garbage truck?

  2. I enjoy subliminal algebra. I suddenly realize the answers to problems I’ve never encountered, but it sometimes makes me drool in my sleep.

  3. That’s a right scary looking truck! I’d stay well back!

  4. That truck looks ready to eat someone. Much better than those bumper stickers that say back off.

  5. Plane– Drop me an email and tell me wtf that thing is, because I’m gonna steal it. Is it hauling coal or just driving around town giving little kids nightmares?

  6. I tried to learn algebra by putting the book under my pillow. According to my grades, it didn’t work.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.
    apologies for the late response as usual recently.

    Bearman: it’s a dumptruck of sorts I think … or just a very big pickup truck.

    Bunk Strutts: I solve other people’s problems in my sleep. I guess if I talked in my sleep, they would listen. hee hee!

    S. Le: I stay way back from reflective milk trucks. I couldn’t see myself while looking at this truck, just a passing resemblance, so it wasn’t so bad.

    Tony: I should put mudflaps on the front of my van that say “Front Off” … just to confuse those “Back Off” people.

    Tammy: I tried to learn Dentristry by putting teeth under my pillow, but all I ever got was money. hee hee!

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