Circular Argumentative


Some people start running around in circles early in life.


note: there are circles … and then there are circles.

double note: it took about 10 minutes to catch this kid by himself in this circle in Yokohama station.  … Maybe it would have been easier to catch him in a triangle, if there was one that I didn’t see.
I had time … the girlfriend was in the bathroom … I think I was suppose to be watching her bag … or something important like that.

triple note: It kind of looks like a mushroom top … like in a video game … not the ones sold in supermarkets.

quadruple note:vicious squares” are a bitch too!


Today #220

Today on a Tokyo subway line, the guy across from me was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black vest … and then another guy came in and sat beside him in the same outfit … and then another guy came in dressed the same as the other two and stood close by them.
I was in a planetross t-shirt and green shorts … I didn’t see anybody else like that though.

5 responses to “Circular Argumentative

  1. Didn’t that kid see all those squares inside the circles? How hard is that to see? You gotta be square if you can’t see the squares ROUND EYE!

    Oh and…
    No one else looked like you because no one else is still living in the 80’s! lol

  2. It does look like a Mario mushroom top! It’s called a toadstool. How do I know this? I live with a Mario expert.

    It must have been “Jeans, White T-shirt, Black Vest Day.’

  3. Maybe they were Priests on an out-of-uniform casual day

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Kelly Pettit: I didn’t know the squares until your comment. Circles trump squares when it comes to cones and rods in my eyeballs I guess.
    Everyone has to live somewhere … or sometime. hee hee!

    Tammy: If I saw a red and white toadstool in real life, I’d be looking around for Willy Wonka and the Oompaloompas! … or Bob Hoskins. hee hee!

    Tony: they were probably praying to pick up girls dressed like that at least. hee hee!

  5. cool

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