Going Green


It’s the same rule for real estate agents as for chiropractors: “dislocation, dislocation, dislocation.”


note: I guess this coffee house doesn’t have to worry about painting … pruning maybe … but definitely not painting.

double note:Pssst. Got any weeds?

triple note: sure Starbucks says they are a Green company, but this place looks a lot Greener than them.

quadruple note: I’m going Gangrene, I think that will help the world.


Today #217

Today was deleted.

5 responses to “Going Green

  1. You mean that stuff’s real? If they’d just use plastic plants, they wouldn’t lose their leaves in the winter.

  2. Makes it look like the cars are parked under a tree and it’s a bit of a tree house. I’ve heard letting vines attach themselves to your house is bad for the house. Hope it won’t collapse or anything. Then where would the vines grow?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: there are a few buildings around here that seem to get covered in vines/ivy/green stuff. Plastic plants would really make the inside of that building very hot in the summer.

    S. Le: I bet the neighbours are on constant vigilance against the vines leaking over to their building.

  4. It must be tricky trying to mow it

  5. Tony: are you being inadvertibly funny … or just vertibly funny? hee hee!

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