Stray Hat Strut


When I see stray hats lying around,
I always think that they might not be stray at all
… but still attached to someone’s head.


note: stray heads don’t usually have hats on them … around here at least.

double note: I feel all macabre tonight … I might start making things with knotted string.

triple note: I once kicked over a motorcycle helmet on a beach … and only found sand inside it.


Today #215

Today is over. Over.” … I’m talking on a walky-talky … I thought you knew that.
(HeyTell is a pretty cool free app for your iPhone!)

5 responses to “Stray Hat Strut

  1. If this hat is on someone’s head, that’s an awfully short someone! But I know what you mean… imagining it is what’s fun.

  2. Maybe it’s a short gambler in there hedging his bets..

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I might take some photos of hats on top of things, and pretend there is a person underneath them more often.

    Tony: hee hee! good one!

  4. I remember them…guy with blonde greasy hair and a guitar, another guy with an upright bass and a guy with a really small drum kit.

  5. omawarisan: I went to a rock n’ roll show 2 years ago in a local hotel. The bands played 50’s music, 60’s music, and … The Stray Cats‘ music: nothing seemed out of place.

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