It must take longer to asphyxiate yourself using a hybrid car.


note: electric cars and convertibles might prove even more difficult.

double note: the above vehicle is a hybrid … part truck/part bedhead.


Today #212

Today was like a campfire marshmallow: hot and sticky.
(I guess a hot stick is hot and sticky too!)

5 responses to “Asphyxiation

  1. Convertibles wouldn’t if you were in the garage.

  2. Whoever that is in the back of the pickup needs a haircut — and maybe a little conditioner to smooth things out. Great photo!

  3. Is that a dead snuffleufugus in the back of that truck

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Bearman: true … unless it’s a convertible garage. If you park a convertible in a garage, does that make it a convertible garage without retracting roof?

    Donald Diddams: Japan is full of these little white pickups driven by little men who only push down on the accelerator a little … and carry a lot of crap in the back.

    S. Le:It’s People! Soylent Green is people!” comes to mind.

    Tony: it’s a dead something hopefully.

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