Drinking responsibly in the morning doesn’t sound right.


note: I don’t drink in the morning; that spot’s reserved for hangovers … or feeling healthy and sober.

double note: why are there “children’s aspirin” … children shouldn’t be waking up with hangovers.


Today #210

Today I came home from a kindergarten visit, removed my sweaty shirt and saw weird red marks on my stomach. I went to the bathroom mirror to investigate further … and saw a 4 year old’s handprint on my stomach. That little girl must have smacked me pretty hard: it’s still visible 12 hours later!
(it’s like an aboriginal kindergarten cave painting, but on my stomach)

6 responses to “Drinking

  1. That doesn’t look like a good place to vomit. Nice place to get a drink, sure, but last night’s dinner won’t look good there.

  2. Those look like bamboo poles there. Are they to prevent people from bathing in the drink?

  3. I drink in the morning. Coffee but it doesn’t give me hang overs, it gives me hang unders sometimes. See Master you have taught me well…

  4. P.S. Why is there a bamboo raft in the kitchen sink???

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: the outdoor sacred toilet would be a better place to vomit for sure.

    Donald Diddams: this is outside a temple/shrine place at Nikko (known for its temple/shrine places and number 2 after Kyoto for that stuff)I’m not sure what the bamboo is trying to do … other than support those ladles, look decorative, and prevent people from sticking their head in the water.

    Bearman: a lot of these places have the bamboo poles on top for some reason.

    Tony:hangunders” are overrated … or is it hangovers are underrated … or neither.
    I have no actual clue about the bamboo; just speculation (see above)

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