A Mute Point



 If humans were all mute, I bet there would be more punching and kicking.


note: what is sign language for “punch“?

double note: some days I think I was born “moot“.

triple note: If I’ve offended anyone who is mute, I wasn’t trying to. I apologize in advance.


Today #209

Today I was so busy it was like running barefoot on really hot sand.

6 responses to “A Mute Point

  1. If humans were all mute, we’d probably all type a lot faster.

  2. My TV remote has a mute button. I don’t know why because mute people can still hear & see the TV. Unless they’re deaf or blind as well….
    Nice thumbs up photo

  3. More likely we’d all be like dogs, doing a lot of sniffing and licking. What fun!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: or if we had more fingers!

    Tony: I’ve been working on my thumbs up technique.

    Donald Diddams: the last thing I sniffed and licked was that paste in kindergarten. I can still taste it.

  5. Your thumbs seem abnormally long. Just sayin’…

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