I hate nitpickers!

… although technically they are lousepickers.




double note: I wish I had nits … because I’ve always wanted to shave my head.

triple note: S. Le: the PollDaddy polls don’t show other people’s answers because:
When you have the ‘Other’ option enabled in your poll, it allows your voters to enter an answer of their own. We don’t display these directly in the poll at the moment due to concerns around spam.


Today #206

The Stanley Cup was awarded today: it’s the post season now … or again.

10 responses to “Nits

  1. Which is worse…nitpickers or nose pickers??

  2. I think nits are nitwits! (Does that make them clever?)

  3. Has an academic, somewhere, anywhere, undertaken a study to determine if any correlation exists between nitpickers and picnickers?

  4. I heard that nits are a nightmare. Thank goodness I know nothing about them.

  5. I had to pick “draft” because I’m constantly picking at those. Every day. TYPOS! God I hate them. I should stick one in, just for coonsistency. Woot!

  6. what’s wrong with picking your friend’s nose?

    tee hee…

  7. If I shaved my head I’d lean it against a mirror and make an ass out of myself.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Bearman: nitpickers are worse … nosepickers usually grow out of that stuff … or do it more discreetly.

    Kelly Pettit: mmmmm … I’ll have to ask some nitwitnesses.

    guidopip: I don’t think so, but maybe bears have eaten some of both of them.

    Tammy: I think my sister failed the headlice/nits head check-up at school one year. She got to go home for the day: I was never that lucky!

    writerdood: unintentional typos are the worst.
    Sports, Military, and Beer were the drafts I was thinking of though.

    epicurienne: you can pick your friend’s nose, but not very well.

    Bunk Strutts: hee hee! If I shaved my head, I might get “best before 2065” tattooed up there.

  9. That’s a great poster. I need one for my garden to demonstrate tomato picking

    • Tony: one of the kindergartens I go to usually has cool posters about how to brush your teeth, how to use chopsticks, the benefits of wearing a cap outside, using seatbelts, and what materials magnets will stick to.

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