A Coffee Break


I seem to be moving at “coffee breakneck speed” these days.


note: I’m taking a short hiatus from posting for a while … or a long lowatus … or a few weeks probably.


Today #205

Something good is going to happen today: I can feel it!


7 responses to “A Coffee Break

  1. Enjoy your lowatus. I’ve had some of those, they are nice.

    Maybe I’ll creep around on your blog while you’re gone and catch up on your posts.

  2. Talk about grounds in your coffee.

  3. I like that one. It would look good on my deck, until my deck collapsed from the weight and the whole thing fell into the woods. Then it would just look messy.

  4. I’d like a whole set of those… Have a good break.

  5. I want that cup & saucer for my garden.
    Enjoy your lowatus. I’d never heard the hiatus term before blogging except in connection with hernias…

  6. Figures…just when I come back, you go on break! But, hey, I’m still on break just sayin’.. I love that cup and saucer. Want it. Can’t have it. Bummer. I’m going back on break.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Tammy: thanks. It was a good lowatus. Sometimes I break is necessary to avoid cracking. (that doesn’t sound right) hee hee!

    Bearman: holy grounds must be from really really good coffee. hee hee!
    note: are you hovering the cursor over the blog photo? There is usually something hiding there. Great minds think alike; fools seldom differ … and all that stuff.

    writerdood: I want one of those too! Is it still china, if it’s made of stone?

    Donald Diddams: you’d need a big cabinet to hold a whole set of these! hee hee!

    Tony: if you had this cup and saucer, you could grow dandelions in your garden!

    w1kkp: thanks for dropping by! I’m back now, but I never really went away. … I was just here somewhere else. hee hee!

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