Total Recallections


If people had total recall of every memory stamped on their brain:

– School would be over very quickly.
– phone books could be shared between a lot of people.
– Lost and Found areas wouldn’t have so much stuff in them.
– saying “I forgot.” would be a crappier excuse than it is now.

-computer apps and memo books for remembering stuff would be gone.
-“belated birthday cards” wouldn’t be very popular.
– a lot of movies and tv shows would look very copied … more than they do now. “This is the same as episode 52 of The Rockford Files, episode 129 of Barnaby Jones, and episode 5 of Cannon!

– sports stats would only be for newbies.
– no one would make mistakes singing National Anthems … unintentionally.
– the jean jacket with the  patch on it saying “Don’t eat yellow snow“, that I left behind a rock on Mt. Rundle in Banff when I was 11 years old, wouldn’t still be behind that rock.

– déjà vu would be clinically verifiable.
– people would probably know exactly when they lost their memory.
– I would know exactly how many Big Macs I’ve eaten in my lifetime.
– memory sticks would still be popular.

– the rhetorical question “How many times have I told you … ” wouldn’t have to be uttered … “I’ve told you 34,094 times … ” would be more popular.
– grudges might last longer.
– trivial bets would have to be more trivial.
– being born would be kind of a weird memory.


… History would still repeat itself … because total recall wouldn’t mean people would be any smarter.

Remembering mistakes is different than learning from them.


note: I’m glad I don’t have total recall of all my memories … otherwise I would never snap my fingers, look skyward blankly with a furrowed brow, or slap my head.

double note:I remember everything I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday” … or maybe only a little stuff that happened yesterday … or I think happened yesterday possibly only a little.
(if you remember/know what record/song/artist that quote is from, please let me know. You’re only hint is Meatloaf on this one.)


Today #203

Today my morning consisted of sitting in a hotspring bath and buying a helium balloon: life’s tough like that sometimes.

5 responses to “Total Recallections

  1. Wisdom and an unanswered question:
    The wisdom? — “Remembering mistakes is different than learning from them.”

    The question? — What on earth did you do with the helium balloon while sitting in a hotspring bath. The answer to that could be more interesting than the music trivia one!

    • Donald Diddams: I bought the helium balloon after sitting in the hotspring bath.
      The balloon was for a student’s 4th birthday: it was the least I could do, I’ve known him half his life. hee hee!

  2. I don’t think I would want to remember the birth experience…

  3. Very methodical post…as usual.
    I don’t remember the physcial pain associated with memories. I guess that is a good thing. It’s nice to be able to say, “That really hurt, but I don’t remember it.”
    I have never understood how or why people rattle off batting averages and other sports statistics. Some people are good with numbers.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: for me, being born is like a bad Saturday night … I was there, but I don’t remember anything.

    Tammy: people always seem offended that I remember rotten things they’ve done to me. I don’t know why; it’s not like I’m going to forget about it.

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