Room For Change


The changeroom was somehow different than the last time I went into it.


note: change for changesake is vending machinations.

double note: change for the better sounds like an overtipping recipient.

triple note: I think personal change, for the better, is just losing crap you don’t really need and acquiring crap you do: like a piece of cheese being molded into something better … like penicillin.

quadruple note: I’ve been preoccupied following the Vancouver Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup Final: hopefully I’ll be busy until they win The Cup. This blog may suffer for a few more weeks.
(On Planetross there is only one cup … but there are a lot of bowls, plates, and silverware.)


Today #202

Today was as easy as spelling “easy” “EZ“.

5 responses to “Room For Change

  1. Hey if you have a 125×125 banner ad, I’d be happy to add it to my links page.

  2. So Planetross is a Monocupular Planet. Gosh that sure is a rarity. I’ll have Barry & cedric keep an eye out for it on there Space Travels. I may have them visit Planetross but I have no idea how it will look or be like. I’ll have to give it some thought…

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Bearman: thanks. I’ll have to get busy making a banner!

    Tony: now that I think about it, I only have mugs and glasses kickin’ around this place.
    Barry and Cedric will need visas and the appropriate shots to visit Planetross. hee hee!

  4. Reminds me of the movie “the Illusionist.” He was a magician in the 1900’s and was hired by a department store to perform tricks in the window, attracting patrons. He hated that job, eventually quitting even though he needed the money. Sad movie. Don’t watch it. Very sad. Monkey-butt, do not touch.

  5. writerdood: I bet people are always playing tricks on each other in a mannequin factory.

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