If all people started out as one of the three primary colours, eventually everyone would be the colour of what I used to mix up in kindergarten.

I always thought that was a good colour.


note: I’m sure there would be some hardliner blues, yellows, and reds that never mixed … but that’s a secondary issue … or maybe a primary issue.

double note: I bet pink boys would curse their red and albino parents.

triple note: aliens were probably disappointed that people weren’t bright colours when colour television was invented … I know I was … especially about referee jerseys.  hee hee!

quadruple note: I’m colour deaf … I can’t hear any of them!

quintuple note:Why so blue?” 
                                      “It’s hereditary.


Today #201

I went to a “Happened” today … it was like a “Happening“, but I arrived late.

3 responses to “Colour

  1. Ha Love the Quintuple Note. There would be no black or white people as they are tones not colours.
    Wow I actually remember something from school. My my high school art teacher would be so proud. I can’t remember the art teacher’s name. His nick name was frizzhead because he had an afro but he didn’t know that. He knew he had an afro, I meant he didn’t know we called him frizzhead.

  2. I can remember seeing Star Trek in colour for the first time. Until then I didn’t know that there were so many colours in the world.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: don’t take that tone with me! hee hee!

    note: the principal at my Jr. High School was nicknamed “Frapp” because his hair was kind of frappy looking. (frappy= grey, curly, not combed very well)

    Tooty Nolan: I always thought the red, green, and blue crew shirts were a little too red, green, and blue.

    note: do crew neck shirts get their name from Star Trek? I guess that’s one more thing to thank Gene Roddenberry for.

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