Like A Post … But Not Quite


The “pole vaulted ceiling” was never very popular.

… kind of like that sport.


note: Warsaw: it’s an accurate name, but kind of a bummer.

double note: 


Today #200

Today I bought The Brothers Karamazov novel and a Kobito Dukan file cover: I have to keep things in balance most of the time.

(I think the Kobito Dukan (dwarf encyclopedia) stuff is going to be big worldwide!) … maybe it is already, I’m 46, so I’m kind of out of it. hee hee!


6 responses to “Like A Post … But Not Quite

  1. Hmmm… I typed in my label for the nearly-pole in the “other” area but it doesn’t show up. I said it was a “Pole-ish” scarf hanger.

  2. Sometimes I buy books that I don’t read later.
    This would probably be one of those.
    Sometimes I only read a few chapters.
    This could be one of those too.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: yes, I’ll have to work out this poll business so alternative answers show up. Sorry.

    writerdood: I’ve bought a few of those books. But I think I want to read this one … hopefully for a better reason than just to say I read it though.
    It does look like a slog though. I’ll let you borrow it at your 150th birthday party!

  4. I went for “Other” & voted south. Other got 2 votes

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