Giant Outdoor Litterbox

This is how to make a giant outdoor litterbox outside of your house. (making a giant outdoor litterbox inside your house may prove more difficult)


First: choose a location.

Second: make a border using something. I used the natural rocks found nearby on top of the area.

Third: add soil. If you add regular dirt or cat litter, that’s okay … because it will become soiled eventually.

And that’s about it.

I guess cats will probably get involved at some point, but you don’t need any of your own.
To bastardize  a line from Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella:

If you build it, they will come.


note: I put flowers in my giant outdoor litterbox while I wait for those cats.

double note: a big thank you to Mr. Pettit  for suggesting this rental property improvement … eventhough he didn’t do any of the work!
… why do I feel like “The Little Red Hen“?


Today #197

I was more outvolved in today than involved.

13 responses to “Giant Outdoor Litterbox

  1. Nicely done, planetross! Gardening is good.

  2. Kristin Brænne

    Be a ★ !

  3. Now can you work on the smell issue from a cat litter box??

    Thanks for the blog roll add!!

  4. Nice job, PR tis’ prettier now.

  5. The cats will be so happy! It’s so puuuuurdy!

  6. Cynical Scribble

    Looks lovely. Gardening is for old people 😉

  7. I suppose it goes without saying that you should not do this directly outside your sliding glass door?

  8. Like a fresh grave with over zealous decorators!

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Donald Diddams: thanks. Gardening is growing on me.

    Kristin Brænne: the last time I tried to be a star, my Mother told me to get out of the Christmas tree. hee hee!
    note: I have to keep copying and pasting your name to get it right!

    Bearman: no problem. I like making other people spend money. That’s a pretty good way to mix the support charity/blog promotion … way.
    When I find cat droppings in my yard, I scoop them up and toss them on the offending cat owner’s lot next to mine.

    sweetiegirlz: it looks a bit better than a bet bitter for sure for sure t’is true.

    Kelly Pettit: or purrrrdy.

    Cynical Scribble: I’m trying to perfect the technique before I become old people.

    writerdood: I don’t use those sliding glass doors for sliding or glassing or exiting the building very often. I use the ones to the left or the frontdoor more often.
    I have a backdoor next to my kitchen sink that leads out to my backyard … which is about 60 cm: I’ve covered that thing up so I don’t have to look at it.

    S. Le: it’s a pretty shallow grave: flower bedrock is only about 2 inches. hee hee!

  10. Who will help me eat the kitty litter?
    I will said the Mr Pettit!!!
    No I will eat it all by my self…

  11. Be warned once you start visiting Beartoons you will start drawing cartoons them create a Comicpress self hosted site, then people will get annoyed that you changed your url again. Trust me on this one…

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