Sara n’ Mic (what’s that noise?)


Mic: Eroding rocks.

Sara: It’s okay.


Sara: What’s that noise?

Mic: Eroding rocks.

Sara: Are you going to pieces on me?


note: the tops of waterfalls aren’t very moving usually.


Today #192

There were two Williams in the postbox when I got home today.
… I’m pretty formal when it comes to bills.



The complete adventures of Sara n’ Mic: how did you get up there?,  why are the gnomes outside?why are we here?, what time is it?, the phone’s ringing,  who’s winning?  ,  what a great cast!what’s this game about? ,  what’s your friend’s name? , what are you doing down there? , the chicken just shit on the book  , what’s suppose to happen next? and why do cats keep burying our shoes?  are still collecting dust.


3 responses to “Sara n’ Mic (what’s that noise?)

  1. The water in the photo doesn’t look real. It looks like heaps of cling wrap. Or is it just me with my bad eyesight??? I am due for new glasses soon…

  2. Tony: now that you mention it … the water does look very unwaterlike, but it’s a real waterfall with real water.
    It’s the same waterfall I used for this.

  3. Hey how come no-one else commented on this one. Does this post have germs???

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