Optical Allusions


Are farsighted people the ones who buy glasses long before they need them?

… and nearsighted people the ones who buy glasses after they need them?

It seems a funny way to describe people who have glasses.

I’ll stick to four eyes.


note: I use glasses for reading and drinking most of the time now … I never used to though.


Today #188

Today my eye colour was blurry.


9 responses to “Optical Allusions

  1. Does wearing glasses while you drink add some sort of a benefit? Do you mix your drinks better? Just curious cause I seem to be mixing my drinks too strong lately! 😦

  2. I can never remember if far sighted people need glasses if they can only see in the distance, or if they can’t. Like wise for near sighted. I don’t know the difference.

    I wear contact lenses. I’m far sighted. I think. Whatever the one is that means everything far away goes blurry…that’s me. *shrugs*

  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8 years old. Nobody calls me 4 eyes and gets away with it!

  4. I wear glasses to look cool but I don’t think it works as I just look like an old guy who can’t see properly. How come people don’t wear moonglasses at night???

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    Kelly Pettit: my eyesight usually gets worse when I drink wearing glasses … or wear drinking glasses.
    Mixing drinks??? … we never mix our drinks: mine’s always in my hand and yours is not. hee hee!

    Cynicle Scribble: I think farsighted people can see things far away and nearsighted people can see things up close. I can explain “first cousin once removed” too! … but not whether one feeds a fever and starves a cold or starves a fever and feeds a cold. I’m limited.

    S. Le: I haven’t heard anyone call anyone “4 eyes” since that Mississippi kid came to my school.
    The fashion over here at the moment seems to involve wearing big frames without any lenses in them.

    Tony: if people have plastic lenses, are they still considered glasses? (the glasses, not the people)
    I wear glasses for reading and when I use the computer. I kind of look like an owl. Kids laugh at me when I say “Who“.

  6. The guy behind in the picture looks as though he’s toppling off of his motorcycle. I can’t feel sorry for him: He should have grown longer legs.

  7. Tooty Nolan: I’m not sure what that guy was doing with his short legs.
    The road was clogged with traffic in both directions: it was a big 3 day holiday over here.

  8. It’s just reminded me of a time (back in the 70’s) when i toppled off of a motorcycle when the turn-ups on my flared trousers got caught on the footpegs, and I couldn’t put my feet down to stop. Thankfully I was in my back garden, so nobody witnessed the fashion crime.

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