When I look at a child, I see the future.

When I look at a bunch of children, I usually see toys I want to play with … and stressed out playground equipment.

If I saw all the children of the world together, I’d be thinking I hadn’t brought enough spaghetti and balloons.

I’ll stick to looking at children individually … from a distance … and thinking about that future stuff.


note: acorns and unicorns don’t fall far from the tree … although the unicorns might have broken legs.

double note: my mother always said she stopped having children because she got a perfect one (me). … I must have inherited some of my “full of shit” quality from her … although I think my father would be charged with 80% responsibility, if I were a car accident.


Today #187

Today was somewhere between dog shit on the shoe and winning the lottery.

9 responses to “Children

  1. Kids have heaps more awesome toys than we had when I was a kid, but I think we had more fun. I always notice on weekends & school holidays the obvious lack of children outside playing. Riding bikes, kicking balls, playing chasing, hide & seek, kick the tin, chucking rocks on peoples rooves & all that fun kinda outdoorsy stuff. They seem more interested in being stuck inside in front of a computer, games console etc. I’m glad I was a kid of the 60’s & 70’s…

  2. Tony: I agree. … although I did have a Coleco: Head to Head Football game that seduced me for a few months when I was 14.

  3. Some parents may see looming university bills ahead.

  4. S. Le: is there a “looming university“? … or is that just fashion design school?
    I’m not sure if you were doing a tricky word play on me, or if it was unintentional.
    The boy is pretty stylish in those togs. I think I’d look good in that outfit too!

  5. The absence of Unicorns suggests that they fell from the tree on to their necks.

  6. Tooty Nolan: I think the same thing happened to dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure there used to be some really really tall trees too!

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