A Lying Downward Spiral


I don’t take most things lying down … except for naps and stuff.

I’m quite strong on that point.


note: spineless people probably take most things lying down … as well as jellyfish at least.

double note: I don’t usually tell lies standing up.


Today #186

Today I bet the second most wanted person in  the world is glad that Osama Bin Laden is gone … so that he/she is Number One now.
(#2 is the new #1 … although they are still #2ish)


13 responses to “A Lying Downward Spiral

  1. After my Miss Muffet comic strip that may have incurred a jihad I feel a bit safer now that O.B.L. is gone

  2. Tony: you could hide out with Salman Rushdie if times get tough. hee hee!

    O.B.L. … sounds like an Onion Bacon and Lettuce sandwich to me!

  3. No need for a chiropractor for you then!

  4. S. Le: usually front problems lead to back problems: too much front affects the back for some reason.
    … although, I have to admit that I’m not a good stander. If I have to stand still for more than 10 minutes my back starts to hurt.

  5. That looks remarkably like the triumphal ARCH of PLANNITIUS ROSSIUS. Incredible work.

  6. Umm, I take most things lying down, I find it very restful 😀

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    epicurienne: thanks. When I’m around things get all landmarked up usually.

    Mental Mist: well hello stranger!
    It’s not a good idea to take a sobriety test while lying down. hee hee!

  8. Did you know you were Planking in the photo. A 20 year old bloke died in Brisbane on the weekend after planking on the edge of his balcony on the floor of a high rise apartment building. He lost his balance & gravity was his worst friend.

    • Tony: I guess I was “warped planking” without knowing what I was doing! hee hee!
      … or maybe I was “arching“.
      note: I looked at the Facebook page and thought the guy who was “pillaring” (just standing straight up in the photo) was the best.

  9. That was supposed to say on the 7th floor

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