Gunma Holiday


I live in Gunma-Prefecture.

I’ve been on a Gunma Holiday for the last 5 days: visiting places in Nagano-Prefecture, Tochigi-Prefecture, and Niigata Prefecture.

A Gunma holiday is more involved than other places … or involves more other places … for some reason.


note: Gunma is pretty big! … you have to drive through it on the way to where you are going quite often from here.

double note:

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.
Don Williams, Jr.
“Gunma: it’s a journey.”

triple note: apologies for not responding to comments. It was a split-second decision to actually go somewhere: I thought about it for a second, then I split.

quadruple note: the poster in the picture was created to make Gunma look more cool as a tourist destination. A person doesn’t have to live in Japan for too long before they understand that Audrey Hepburn is/was/will always be the best foreign actress ever … and “Roman Holiday” the best movie.


Today #185

Today is the last day of holidays before going back to work for a day … then it’s the weekend! woo hoo!

5 responses to “Gunma Holiday

  1. Ahhh… the romance of the skunk cabbage. Hope your Gunma holiday was better than you had imagined in your “second–split” decision. Now that I think about it, my neighborhood is pretty big, too. I always have to drive through it to go anywhere. Hmmm…

  2. The poster makes me wanna come to Gunma. Or is it a poster after all? Could be a close up of a packet of Cabbage Seeds.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: it was a good holiday! I still haven’t visited “Oze”, the place in the poster. … but I will this year. It’s only an hour’s drive from here: I must be saving the best for last … or just lazy maybe.

    Tony: I think many Japanese have visited places in Gunma: they just forget that they were in Gunma for some reason.

    Typical Conversation:

    them: “I’ve never been to Gunma.”
    me: “Have you visited Oze? Minakami? Shima? Ikaho?”
    them: “Oh yes, several times!”
    me: “You’ve been to Gunma.”
    them: “Are you sure?”

    • So maybe I have been to Gunma but don’t know it. I don’t think my Mum had a gun. “Hey there’s some trouble makers out in the street, where’s your Gunma???

      • Tony: that’s what one of my brothers said when I told him where I would be living in Japan. “You’d better grab the gun Ma!

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