(no photo: some things are just meant for memories)


Two properties over from where I lived as a kid was a 5 acre plot of land called “Beaverpotts”.

A narrow gravel road ran down the middle of it and connected to Lakes Rd and Jaynes Rd at either end. Apart from an old house foundation, that was home to snakes and broken bottles, the place was just a tangle of trees, bushes, and open patches.

It was a magical place. I could get lost for hours there: exploring, wandering, investigating.

I didn’t know why it was called “Beaverpotts“: it was just “Beaverpotts“.

I don’t think I ever questioned the name, in the same way I didn’t question:

why “The Mound” was called “The Mound” … eventhough it was a very small hill surrounded by flatland.


why “Hospital Hill” was called “Hospital Hill” … eventhough it was a hill on the way to the hospital.


why “Fuller’s Lake Arena” was called “Fuller’s Lake Arena” … eventhough there was a lake around it somewhere.

It was just “Beaverpotts“. Most likely for some reason that no one knew anymore … like someone who gave you a nickname then moved away, but everyone kept calling you that … although they didn’t know why.

When I was 11 years old, I learned why it was called “Beaverpotts“: it was named after Dr. Beaverpotts, who used to live there, but moved somewhere else before I was born.

Knowing why it was called what it was didn’t make it any less special.

I still consider “Beaverpotts” more a place than a person’s name though.

… although it’s a pretty cool name too!


note: yes, my last name is Janes and I used to live on Jaynes Road as a kid.  I don’t think any Lake families lived on Lakes Road though.

double note: I’m sure everyone has their own private “Beaverpotts” … somewhere … in their childhood … or I hope so.

triple note: the classic story in my family is 3 of my older siblings going there and one of them saw a kitten, that he  tried to pick up, … while the other two siblings were screaming, “it’s a big rat, not a kitten!”  One of my older brothers was always a sucker for animals … and rabies’ shots.
(it always sounds so much better when my brothers and sisters describe it though)


Today 184

If I was in a basketball game today, I wouldn’t foul out.


5 responses to “Beaverpotts

  1. I used to play in an old nissin hut from world war two. It was in the woods, and nobody had bothered to knock it down after hostilties with Nazi Germany ceased. It was called ‘Hey, pig barns’. Years later my mother told me that it was me who named it thus when I was small. Last time I checked ‘Hey,pig barns’ was gone. All that remains are the ruins of some neighbouring concrete urinals, which are now a sanctuary from the cold wind for a herd of cows. Hey, a toilet had to come into the story somewhere: I’m Tooty Nolan!

  2. Not from my childhood, but….there is a park in Melbourne CBD named Batman Park. Not only wasn’t Batman present at the park, but there was no reference to the caped cruisader either. I’ve never been more disappointed in my life!

    I later found out it was named after one of the founder members of Melbourne, John Batman.

  3. Not far from Launceston there is also a Batman thing, the Batman Bridge. The 1st time I went across it as a kid I told my parents how disapointed I was that Batman was out that day. He must’ve been fighting crime & didn’t have time to hang out at his bridge. Maybe he was in Melbourne at his park. The kitten/rat experience really cracked me up!!!

  4. God, I love the “kitten” story! Anyway, no, no beaverpotts in my past, but there was a big woods just off the field behind the house. At least it seemed big at the time. What a wonderful place, with flowers and trails and all sorts of animals… and a path led to the rockpile at the edge of the field. Now what kid doesn’t love a rockpile?

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    Tooty Nolan:
    the ruins of some neighbouring concrete urinals, which are now a sanctuary from the cold wind for a herd of cows
    … that sounds like Stone Hedge! hee hee!

    Cynical Scribble: there is a “macadam park” in my hometown, but it’s just grass. … it was probably named after someone called MacAdam. I wonder if there is a paved parking lot somewhere named after someone called Grass?

    Tony: I can’t remember if my brother actually picked the thing up and was cuddling it, or got bit reaching out for it. If I know my brother, he probably picked it up.

    Donald Diddams: there used to be a field where all the kids played on my road. It was called “The Field“. Eventually 3 houses were built on it: no one liked the people who moved in there … except for the family that had the pool!

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