Nozomi Ohashi … Again?


Nozomi Ohashi is back again!

If I was a Japanese child, I don’t think I would like her very much: she only seems to show up to notify kids about tests these days.

I bet if you saw Mickey Mouse on your decatheter or Hello Kitty on your speeding tickets, they wouldn’t look so cute anymore.

I have visions of Nozomi trying to hold back the tears in some Tokyo park while shouting, “No! There isn’t a test! … I just want to play tag with you!” … as all the other kids run away from her.


note: do you know what’s better than …









       hee hee!


double note: the other Nozomi Ohashi entries are here and here.


Today #183

Today is the last day of work for a week: I’m on holidays. I’m going to be like a bad idea for the next week. … I’m not going anywhere.

3 responses to “Nozomi Ohashi … Again?

  1. Such a busy girl! She must keep her folks in beer and cigarettes!

  2. That was a lead pencil she was wielding? Seemed more like a lead police baton…
    Free beer? There was a big mural on the side of a bar in St. Croix that said “Free Beer Tomorrow”. Kept us coming back!
    Holidays at home can be really nice.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I checked out her filmography, but she hasn’t really done too much since singing that “Ponyo” song and being in one episode of a veterinarian tv drama. I’m pretty sure she pops up on a lot of TV variety shows … but I don’t watch TV anymore.

    Donald Diddams: I was going to pull the battery out of that little display to get a better photo, but someone was watching me … and I was going for a covert operation.

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