People with pet gorillas must have to carry some pretty big plastic bags around in their pockets when they take them for walks.


note: I don’t have a pet dog … I carry other crap around in plastic bags.

double note: a Zoo is always a zoo … even when it’s not busy.


Today #180

I hope today turns out like a pocket … because they turn out quite well usually.

7 responses to “Gorillas

  1. Convenience and good finish?!? What? More Engrish from the Japanese. Apex, ha, never thought of that one.

  2. I don’t think you could walk a gorilla. I think it would walk you.

  3. In motorcycle racing they like to clip the apex. If they did it on that apex they’d probably hit that telegraph pole.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I’ve never actually gone into the “COnG” stores … maybe there are some Finnish people working there.

    writerdood: if I was in The Planet of the Apes movies, I’d want to be in the 3rd one.

    sweetiegirlz: yes, I think I’d need diapers if I was walking a gorilla. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: I’m a motorcycle racist, but don’t tell anyone. hee hee!

  5. I’m sure I left a comment here on this post before…
    Maybe the gorilla got into your dashboard & deleted what I said about him. Fascist ape!!!
    Makes me wanna cook a steak…

    (wait for it)

    …on the griller 😀

  6. Tony: groan (while pounding chest and looking for airplanes to swat)

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