Trying Something New


I’ve had success cutting my grass and pulling weeds.

I’ve had success with 75% of the flowers I’ve planted.

Let’s see if I can grow vegetables.

I went to the place that sells that stuff, but I couldn’t find the salad plants, raisin plants, or pickle plants.

… so I’ve settled for tomatoes, cucumbers, Japanese green peppers, and red peppers … or at least the ones that turn red if they are green too long at home.


note: this is an experiment, but I won’t count it as one.

double note: I should have planted a bumper plant … because I could use a bumper crop … mine’s kind of rusty.


Today #179

Today  I drove to the next city and bought a few books: Roald Dahl‘s “The BFG“, Roddy Doyle‘s “The Dead Republic“, and Haruki Murakami‘s ” Kafka on the Shore“.  There wasn’t a big selection.

3 responses to “Trying Something New

  1. Growing vegetables is better than becoming one. Good luck!

  2. S. Le: I’m putting this experience under the “personal growth” category.
    … hopefully I can say that I’ve personally grown vegetables in a couple of months. hee hee!

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