The Circle Of Life


As a kid, I used to think about how great it would be to be an adult.

As an adult, I think about how great it would be to be a kid again.

I don’t know what really old people think about though,
… but I’m sure eventually I’ll think of something.


note: I don’t really want to be old … I want to be the oldest!

double note: if I get to be an old man, … I definitely won’t be yours.

triple note: if I get to be an old man, hopefully I’ll be a funny old man … but not in that way.

quadruple note: I bet Gary Oldman is ready for the eventual jokes.

quintuple note: sure a satellite dish is circular, but I’m not sure about the life that comes with it.

sextuple note: people with TV seem to be overly remotely concerned.

septuple note:The grass is always greener … if you have green glasses
(I don’t know why people choose those rosey ones)


Today #174

I’m glad I’m not The Incredible Hulk today, because I wouldn’t have any Tuesday students left … that’s for sure.

6 responses to “The Circle Of Life

  1. I think about being young again, not necessarily as a kid, but maybe 20 years younger. As a kid, I didn’t think about much more than the year ahead of me.

    When I think of Gary Oldman, I remember his portrayal of Sid Vicious. That was 1986…I feel somewhat old when I see Gary Oldman today.

    I’m holding out for the wisdom that comes with getting older.

  2. All those vines… do you think that de-grades the signal (de-graded — seems like a good subject for you to discuss)? Wow, getting old… I don’t want to get any closer to that one than I already am! I’ll stay remotely.

  3. I often fantasize about suddenly being young again. I travel back in time to when I was in Middle school, but keep my present knowledge, memory, and experience. I wonder how I would view things. Would I follow the same path or work to fix all the mistakes I made in my youth? It’s a fun thought experiment.

  4. I know a 97 year old man, I could ask him what he thinks about being. Maybe still being alive next year/month/week is on his mind a lot…

  5. P.S. You should weed spray your satellite dish/radio telescope. Can you see in your across the street female neighbours bedroom window with it???

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: I think of Gary Oldman in “Sid and Nancy” too!
    I think I have that soundtrack somewhere … at my brother’s place.
    If all the mystery of stuff was gone if I could return to being a child; it would be kind of pointless. I could do the 20 years back in time thing though.
    I’m not usually into these types of movies, but I really liked the “Time Traveller’s Wife“. If you haven’t seen it, take a look.

    Donald Diddams: sometimes I hang out with a guy who’s 72, but he doesn’t like the topic of getting older. He’s not in denial, it’s just not his focus. He’s my role model.

    Prairie Flouder: I bet your teachers would think you were a smart ass. hee hee!

    Tony: my great aunt lived to 101 years old … with all her faculties still functioning. She said “I’ve lived too long: everyone of my generation is gone and I’m worried about my 75 year old children dying before me.
    Then she asked me how it was like living in Japan and what I had for lunch.

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