Do you have secrets?

I have a few, but nothing that will send me to jail … or will repel friends too much.

I think people need a few secrets. It makes things interesting.

Secrets are interesting.

I want to know other people’s secrets, but I don’t want to share mine.

I’m secreting, but am interested in other people’s secretions … except for gob and puke and stuff.


secret note: I wrote this post while 3 or 4 sheets to the wind … whatever that means. … I don’t know how far the wind is away from me.

secret double note: if you don’t get the things I write, the things you find while hovering over the photos, the notes, or the tags … it’s not a problem. I just do those things because I like to do them … and some things don’t make sense anyway.

morning after note: I had every intention of deleting this post this morning, but I’ll leave it up … and go find some aspirin now.


Today #173

Today was not as good as tonight: there was a Canuck’s game … and they won again.
(I’m a Canucks ice hockey fan, but that’s a secret.)

11 responses to “Secrets

  1. Tell you a secret…. I’m a fan of your blogs!

    Your blogs are in my morning ritual of waking up and getting ready to face the day. If I don’t get something that you wrote, that’s usually because I’m too simple minded or too sleepy.

    That being said, your blogs are always “feel good” and help put a smile on my face before I step into the real world. A source of medicine perhaps.
    Please don’t ever quit doing them.

  2. Cynical Scribble

    I stole a troll keyring thing from a holiday camp souvenir shop when I was about 13. I’m still convinced I’ll get sent to prison for it one day.

    I’ve ‘borrowed’ hundreds of pounds worth of stationary (and assorted other items eg printer cartridges for me, family and friends) from work over the years….isn’t that what it’s there for?

    I’ve also killed 7 men and I’m masterminding world domination. That’s the best you’ll get from me…the other secrets are locked in the closet I’m afraid!

  3. I must say, to write a post being 3 or 4 sheets to the wind is impressive.

    Just don’t call someone of the opposite sex when you are 3 or 4 sheets to the wind and tell them they are beautiful. At least you can delete a post, you can’t delete a phone call, nor the vomiting afterwards.

    By the way, the phone call was a secret.
    So was the vomiting.

  4. I’ve got a few secrets but I’m not telling them because then I’d have to come up with some new secrets just so I could be “interesting!” I reckon it’s just a vicious circle!

    That cooler is a bit scary! I’d not go near it or it’s owners, especially if they find out you’ve taken pictures of it!

  5. If I told you my secrets, they wouldn’t be secrets any more, so I guess I’m with S Le on this. Besides, I’d be really upset if I found my secrets stored in coolers like those.

  6. I have a drawer full of secrets! And yes Tammy never drink, dial or text when your 2, 3 or 4 sheets to the wind! hahaha! but oh I think we have all done it I know I have ~~
    Ross I love your stuff too, sometimes I have a blonde moment and have to really think about them, ok I have quite a few blonde moments and thats no secret! lol

  7. If you’re 3 sheets to the wind and the next morning you wake up with those coolers on your porch you should immediately check in someplace rehabbish before they come looking for you.

  8. Everything makes sense to someone. I wonder who he is? He might be me. I haven’t asked. Keep up the odd work (that isn’t a typo).

  9. I guess you had an uncomfortable nights sleep after the wind took your sheets. I have a secret but if I tell you I will have to kill you.
    OK, OK I’ll tell you. Once I wore my wife’s nightie. But only for a joke to give the kids a laugh.
    Doh stupid conscience making me confess because now I gotta come up with the money for a high powered semi automatic rifle & an airline ticket to Japan…

  10. Thanks for the comments!
    I’ve been a bit busy to totally catch up on replying to comments: gym, garden, whiskey, and work seem to interfere with blogging.

    Kelly Pettit: thanks!
    At the time, I probably wrote the 2nd note with something you said on my mind … but when I wrote it, I was pretty mindless. So, as the non-chicken farmer says, “No fowl, no harm“. hee hee!

    Cynicle Scribble: by stationery … do you mean toilet paper. … because that’s what I think about when I think stationery. hee hee!

    Tammy: I think the drunk phone call rule should apply to both sexes … not just the opposite ones. hee hee!
    I think a friend of mine gets a drunken phone call every few years in the middle of the night from another friend of mine about … why he wasn’t invited to his first wedding about 20 years ago.

    note: he wasn’t invited to his 2nd wedding either, but he seems to be hung up on the 1st one for some reason.

    S. Le: I took the photo around a bicycle shop Mr. Pettit was visiting: I’d rather be wandering than be in a bicycle shop.
    This was outback of a warehouse: I don’t know what their trade is, but obviously it isn’t cleanliness. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: my secret is … I’ve used the same title twice:

    note: I have only so many cats in the bag, so letting one out is not to my benefit. hee hee!

    karen: thanks for the comment. I have a few blonde moments too! … when it’s a really good summer … but usually I have brown moments. hee hee!

    omawarisan: the *worst thing I’ve woke up with after being 3 or 4 sheets to the wind was a flashing construction light. I returned it to the scene of the crime a few years later when I moved house though: the road was okay by then, but I still felt better some how.

    note: *apart from strange women. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: Mr. Pettit was in the back of my mind when I wrote that note … because he was telling me that my notes were usually funnier than what was in the blog … about 1 hour before I wrote this blog.
    As I said in the post, I was inebriated … and some things shouldn’t be undertaken while pissed … like driving, blogging, and trying to be sober.

    Tony: I’ve moved since this post. hee hee!

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